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if u turn ur music up loud enough u cant hear the sad anymore

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imageRic and Caine Enfer, at your service. We hope you people will treat us oh so kindly while we are here.

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Project: Supernatural Stills 





Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliot Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

Not only should you educate yourself but use this for good. Look around you and help others who don’t have this privilege. Hiring, donating, community service, etc.

After this post went viral, the original artist had to delete their tumblr because they were inundated with death threats.

There were people more offended by this comic than offended by the existence of racial disparities—to the point where they threatened this artist’s life.

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DRAMAtical Murder : SᎬᏒᎪᎶᎪᏦᎥ ᎾbᎪ

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"why didn’t you do your homework over the holidays?"


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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